Master Electrician/Electrical Contractor

Update: We are indefinitely closed.
Thank you for so many wonderful years!

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  • Lighting layout and design

  • Electrical permits

  • Electrical repair and troubleshooting

  • Generator switches and panels

  • Electric radiant floor heat 

  • Microwave and hood outlets

  • Ceiling fans

  • Accent lighting

  • Chandeliers

  • Floor outlets

  • Electrical baseboard heat

  • Electric water heaters, standard and tankless

  • Specialty outlets and circuits for appliances: i.e., dryers, ranges, dishwashers, washers

  • Grounding, bonding, ground fault and arc fault protection

  • Panel upgrade/replacement

  • Service repair and upgrade

  • Meter socket installation

  • Subpanels

  • Kitchen renovation and upgrades

  • Code compliance

  • Dimmers & Smart switches

  • Ring doorbells and lights

  • LED recessed lights and undercabinet lighting

  • Knob and Tube elimination

  • Sump pump outlets

  • Hardwired, interconnected smoke and CO detectors

  • Timers, occupancy sensors, photocells

  • Outdoor lighting installation and repair

  • Custom light fixtures



A gallery of some of our lights, repair work, and lighting design



After college, I went into publishing. First I did layout/design for medical publications; later I learned to create and maintain medical journal websites. But that life never quite suited me.

After a long search, I went back to my blue-collar roots and trained as an electrician. I love electricity; to me it's like lightning harnessed for our day-to-day use... practically magic. 


In the decade-plus that I've been working as an electrician, I've faced some awful wiring, crawled through some tight, gross spaces, and hung lights at vertigo-inducing heights. I have to say I've loved all of it, even on the long days that just wouldn't end when I felt I couldn't possibly find and fix all of the problems. Turning on the lights at the end of those days is one of the most fulfilling things I do in my life. 

And recently I've started making lights, because my creative side wants a turn at the wheel too. Electricity and I have a wild, ever-changing relationship. That dance just doesn't get old.